Why volunteer with Africa Classroom Connection?

Volunteers are crucial to our success. We rely on your support to fulfill our mission to give more kids access to educational opportunity.

What do volunteers do?
We seek volunteers for a variety of activities and have opportunities for ongoing involvement as well occasional or one time projects. Presence at our Minneapolis, MN office is not required and many projects can be completed from your home.

Opportunities include (click on the links to jump to a description of each opportunity):
Speakers bureau
Communications design
Communications writing
Grant writing and research
Social media management
Event support
Hosting fundraising events
Travel planning
Clerical support
Other interests, talents and skills--how would you like to help?

What will my volunteer efforts support?
Africa Classroom Connection is an American tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. We partner with Eshowe Community Action Group (ECAG) in South Africa to build classrooms in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

The need for schools is great. Thousands of potential students between the ages of 5 and 21 years currently do not attend school, primarily due to a lack of educational facilities.

ECAG in South Africa has developed an effective model wherein local communities are tasked with raising a portion of project funds significant to the community, thus ensuring local investment. ECAG in turn finds organizations or individuals to contribute the rest. They have, to date, built nearly 4,000 classrooms and laboratories at over 800 locations. ECAG currently has community deposits from over 100 communities who are waiting for schools.

Who should I contact about volunteering?
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about volunteer opportunities and tell us about your interests and skills.


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Volunteer Opportunities with Africa Classroom Connection


Speakers Bureau: Join our pool of spokespeople to spread the word about our important work. We supply materials and training. Presentations vary in length and can be done alone or with a partner. Participation can be one-time or ongoing and is tailored to fit your schedule. If you don’t like public speaking you can still help our efforts by connecting us with organizations that might be interested in this type of presentation. Perhaps we can send a speaker to your school, church or civic group?

Communications design: Are you skilled at developing communication materials such as brochures, videos, newsletters and web pages? Join our communications team for project-based or ongoing opportunities.

Communications writing: Join our roster of volunteer writers and develop content for our quarterly newsletters, annual fund appeal or other communications. If you have writing skills and a desire to help, but limited time, this is a great way to contribute in an occasional or project-based capacity.

Grant writing and research: Support our programs and have a direct impact on our bottom line. ACC has an active and loyal pool of individual donors but has yet to investigate several potentially untapped sources of institutional support. We seek volunteers to investigate and follow up on funding leads and/or write and compile grant applications. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to make a big difference at the heart of what we do in an ongoing (but time-flexible) capacity.

Social media management: If you know, use and enjoy social media platforms and want to help ACC expand its (currently limited) social media presence, we’d love your help. We can provide a treasure trove of stories, photos and videos and seek volunteers to work with us in an ongoing capacity to share these with the world.

Event support: ACC hosts at least two major fundraising events each year. Join our roster of event volunteers to help out. This is a great occasional opportunity (with the added bonus of attending a fun and inspiring party!) Pre-event we appreciate your assistance spreading the word and selling tickets via any media outlets or interested organizations you may be connected to, or on your own social media and in your personal circle of friends and colleagues.

Hosting fundraising events: We need people to host parties to raise awareness about our mission with a soft fundraising component. Invite your friends and tell them the story of Africa Classroom Connection. We will help you with planning and be there to support your efforts.

Travel planning: Help plan and promote annual Learning Tours to Africa. Volunteers work in an occasional or project-based capacity to help make travel arrangements and/or spread the word about our trips.

Clerical support: Assist with general clerical duties including database upkeep, gift processing and mailing production and assembly. Ongoing, occasional and one-time opportunities available.

Other interests, talents and skills: How would you like to help? We’re continually impressed by the depth and breadth of talent and professional experience represented in our community of supporters. Please let us know about other ways that you could assist us, using your own unique skill set, in our mission to bring educational opportunity to more kids.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about volunteer opportunities and tell us about your interests and skills.


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