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With Africa Classroom Connection and Books For Africa: February 2019

We invite you to join a group Learning Tour to South Africa and/or Malawi as we visit school building sites for Africa Classroom Connection and Books for Africa recipients.

You can choose which portions of the trip you would like to join. Add a flight day before and after your segments. Click here to view our detailed 2019 itinerary.

January 30 - February 2: Cape Town, South Africa (from $580)
February 3 - 11: South Africa Schools, History, and Safari (from $1305)
February 12 - 19: Malawi Schools, Libraries and Clinic (from $1160)
February 20 - 24 or 26: Zambia (with optional Victoria Falls) 
(from $725)

mathiya audienceThe itinerary will include:

Four days in Cape Town for history, scenic beauty, wineries, and restaurants

Two days in Johannesburg and Pretoria, including Soweto and the Apartheid Museum

Four days in the region of Zululand, South Africa to visit schools, meet the learners, and teach classes

Three days safari wildlife viewing in its natural habitat

Eight days cultural tour in Malawi, including  Lilongwe, Lake Malawi, Mua Mission and Museum, Zomba, and visits to schools and libraries

Five to six days in Zambia for wildlife viewing, and youth and school projects

 Cost per person starts at $145/day for ground costs (not including airfare $1200-$2500) plus your $1,000 per person tax-deductible contribution.

Intersted? Learn more at an informational session. You can attend any session in-person in Minneapolis, MN or via webinar. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register to attend in-person, or click below to register to attend via webinar:

Ready to sign up? Complete and return our 2019 Learning Tour Agreement.

Click here for the 2018 flyeror special flyer for Rotary ClubLots more planning information in our Handbook.

The tour will result in building one or two new classrooms for 45-90 students to continue their education, or a 40' container of 23,000 books serving 20 or more schools. We can give tips and a web site to help raise funds. Accommodations range from clean, safe, and simple to very nice.


This will not be a conventional package tour of Africa. While we will see wild animals on safari (a treasure of Africa!) most of the tour will be philanthropic and cultural. Seeing the need first-hand has a significant impact on those who join us. You will meet wonderful people and learn about the promise and challenges of education. Imagine 400 Zulu school children putting on a dance and music performance for their American visitors! Imagine trying to explain ice fishing or snow to high school students who have never experienced freezing weather. You will be surprised. You will have fun. You will see the world in a new way.

The tour will be preceded by some cultural, historical, and language learning opportunities. (Most people speak English, but it is respectful and interesting to know some of the local language, especially when we meet young children.) We want to visit with an understanding of the health, political, and economic issues that challenge our African neighbors.

We look forward to sharing with you the places and people we cherish.

Matamzana Dube School dancing Nov2007 XS

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"I quickly saw that this trip could be a trip of a lifetime. In what other trip would I experience a wedding in Malawi as an invited guest? Interact with hundreds of children in their schools? Visit museums documenting apartheid with tour guides who lived through it? Meet people engaged in the mission to educate children - principals, teachers, Rotarians, concerned, community-minded citizens?

- Marla Kapperud, 2016 Learning Tour participant

Read more of Marla’s story here