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Vision and Mission 

Africa Classroom Connection holds a vision that every child in KwaZulu Natal has the opportunity for an excellent education. Our mission is providing resources to help build and improve schools in KwaZulu Natal. We work to get buildings built, help kids stay in school, and facilitate cultural exchanges/overseas travel.



Changing Lives

When we build classrooms in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, we’re changing lives – not only for the young learners themselves, but for the countless families and communities that benefit from the opportunities afforded by a better education.


For many, it’s the one change that can have a profound impact on their lives going forward.  Our South African partner, Eshowe Community Action Group (ECAG), said it best: “The parents and children, some so poor that it is painful to see, are given new life and hope when ACC partners with us to build a classroom. Your new classrooms take the children and their entire village over a threshold to new life and opportunity.”


In early Fall our 2012 Learning Tour traveled to South Africa and witnessed first-hand the eager smiles and concentrated learning energy of the children in some of these classrooms. The travelers’ lives were transformed, too.  Many came home and started raising more money for more classrooms.  Others contributed to our Stay in School Fund to provide ongoing resources for Zulu children whose lives were in crisis and would otherwise be forced to drop out of school.


We’re proud to say we experienced a 22 percent increase in the number of individuals supporting our mission.  This was due to individual networking efforts by Board members, word of mouth from our current donors, and new contacts in the worldwide Combined Federated Campaign, the federal employees’ fundraising initiative that raised enough for two more classrooms.


Imagine your school years, when you were always warm and dry indoors. We thank you for your care for providing the same for “our” kids in South Africa. They know.


Sala kahle! (“Be well!” in Zulu.)


Henry A. Bromelkamp, Chair


2012 Program Summary
Classroom Funding:  In 2012, we granted a total of $106,400 to our South African partner, Eshowe Community Action Group, to build eight classrooms.  These eight classrooms mean that 400 Zulu children in grades K-12—and dozens of teachers—can now have class indoors and in less crowded spaces, which significantly impacts their chances for success.  For example, at Umphezeni Secondary School the graduation rate rose from 50% to 85% after three new classrooms were built with ACC funds. See the impact in our video.
Stay in School Fund: Contributions to our Stay in School fund helped 12 individual students with emergency expenses (e.g., school uniforms or transportation) that they were unable to cover due to family or health crises, and that would otherwise force them to drop out of school.  One young student received assistance with a school uniform, a relatively small expense which her family could not afford, and was allowed to remain in school.
Learning and Cultural Exchange: In August and September, we took 22 of our supporters to visit our classroom building sites on our annual Learning Tour of South Africa and Malawi.  These cultural exchange tours, which informed participants about the issues surrounding education in rural Zululand, South Africa, raised $19,000 for nearly two classrooms.  
Board of Directors

Barbara Bencini, Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Michelle Biros (Secretary), Professor & Vice Chair of Research, University of MN Dept. of Emergency Medicine; Emergency Physician, Hennepin County Medical Center 
Henry A. Bromelkamp (Chair), President, Bromelkamp Company LLC
Tammie Follett (Chair, Development Committee), Senior Account Manager & Business Development Specialist, Thomson Reuters
Roy Goslin, Z Wines USA
Anne Hussian (Chair, Communications Committee), Executive Director, Dodoma Tanzania Health Development
Peter Maritz (Vice Chair)
Jeffrey M. Nelson (Treasurer), Angel Tax Credit Program Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development
Patrick Plonski, Executive Director, Books For Africa
Leon Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer, Bethel University
Thank You 2012 Donors!

Lion: $1,000+ contribution
Bank of America, Merrill Lynch
Barbara C. Bencini
Dennis and Mary Biros
Michelle Biros
Henry A. Bromelkamp
Collegiate Church of New York
John Colwell
Robin Coquyt
Mary and Jim Cron
Colleen Davenport-Adiyia
Norma Jean Falink
Larry Fasching
Tammie Follett
Roy Goslin and Dianne Ferrandi
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Anne Hussian
Lori Matson and Scott Kobasick
Clark and Yvonnie LaChapelle
John Langhus
Fran Linhart
Peter Maritz
Arthur Paulson
Gale Pearson
Jeannine and Steve Peterson
Lori Pfeifer
Barbara J. Ryan
Helene and Jeffrey Slocum
Susan L. and Terry Wolkerstorfer
Cheetah: $250 - $999
Christian F. Awes
Ross Bartels
Leann Blanchfield
Jessica Boden
Scott Cabalka
Uri and Melissa Camarena
Daniel and Lisa Collins
Will and Brenda Conner
Patricia Cummings
Heather Goodson
Lea Harpster
John Harrer
Deb Holbrook
Sandra Johnson
Cynthia Koury
Dawn K. Larsen
Lommen Abdo Law Firm
John McGill
Mary Ann McNeil
Tanya Morrison
Ann Nelson
Jeff Nelson
The New York Community Trust
Gene Pierce
Patrick J. Plonski
James H. Rickert
Marlys Gapstur Sand
Kimberly O. Simensen
Richard and Louise Simons
Mary Jo Stangl
Thomson Reuters
Robert Veatch
Kathleen West
Peter West
Karen Wiemeri
Giraffe: $100 - $249
Marion Mc Nurlen and Lane Ayres
Patricia Bailey
Robert Ball
Elaine T. Bromelkamp
Roland Brömmelkamp
Joseph Clinton
Roy Close
Megan Collins
Nancy Cosgriff
Carol Cunningham
Glenna Dibrell
James Dorsey
Lori Duncan
Constance Dvorak
Cory Factor
Peter Farstad
Kim Janey
Rosemary Froehle
Emilie George
Scott Hartzell
Joan and Roy Hawkinson
Hilary Kasel
Stacey Dekalb Komarek
Beverly Kontola
David J. Kortz & Company
Kurt Lauer
Mark & Judy McClellan
Sara Mesarchik
Nicholas Miller
Delphin Nelson
Brett Peterkin
Carolyn Pierce
Francine Polet
Mary N. and Allan Reed
Rhonda Schoo
Debra Sit
Matthew Smith
Cailee Stangl
Lynnell Thiel
Al and Esther Tsai
Sandra P. Warner
Brenda J. Weigel
Leslie Wille
Karen Williams
Susan Wolf
Melissa Young
Frank and Mary Ellen Zappulla
Deborah K. Zavitka
Catherine Zimmerman
Antelope: up to $100
Margaret Anderson
Tim Anderson
Jean and Howard Berchtold
Jean Beyer
Margie R. Bodas
Jerilyn and Maurice Borash
Robert and Joyce Brittain
Century Accounting and Financial Solutions
David Cole
Julia Payne Cooper
Callie A. Dahlstrom
Linda Edirisuriya
Lisa Edirisuriya
Edward Flahavan and Susan O'Leary
Patricia Fleming
Joe Gibbons
Brenda Gilbert
Mary Haverbusch
Wendy Wiegmann and Cathy Heying
Edward A. Huber
Cindy James
Emily Johnson
Terri L Joski-Lang
Mavis L. Karn
Kevin and Nancy Keenan
Ann and Steve Klein
Jane F. Kortz
David Madsen
Jan and Terry Maino
Virgil and Lori Mathiowetz
Mike and Peggy Mesarchik
Catherine B. Miller
Vernon and Shirley Moore
Gretchen Musicant
David A Nelson
Sarah Neumann



Financial Reports


Balance Sheet:  01/01/2012 through 12/31/2012






  Cash - Africa Travel account   3,871.46-547.953,323.51
  Cash – General charity account  11,514.3558,001.6569,516.00
  Accounts Receivable  2,016.659,567.3511,584.00
  Prepaid Expenses   308.000.00308.00
       Total Assets  $17,710.46 $67,021.05 $84,731.51
 Liabilities and Net Assets   
  Accounts Payable   2,948.0055,437.3958,385.39
        Subtotal Liabilities   $2,948.00 $55,437.39 $58,385.39
  Net Assets - Spendable   14,762.4611,583.6626,346.12
        Subtotal Net Assets   $14,762.46 $11,583.66 $26,346.12
     Total Liabilities and Net Assets$17,710.46 $67,021.05 $84,731.51





Revenues and Expenditures: 01/01/2012 through 12/31/2012





Stay in School


Support and Revenue    
   Contributions 127,085.60  35.00 127,120.60
   Interest Income  0.02   0.02
   Capital Gain - Realized  (45.28)  (45.28)
   Fee Income - Travel   86,750.00  86,750.00
Total  Support and Revenue  $127,040.34 $86,750.00 $35.00 $213,825.34
   Grants  106,400.00   106,400.00
   Bank Service Charges   80.00 10.66  90.66
   Credit Card Processing Fees   1,327.00   1,327.00
   Memberships100.00   100.00
   Insurance   1,169.00   1,169.00
   Office Supplies   166.53   166.53
   Postage   415.98   415.98
   Contracted Services   4,045.00   4,045.00
   Fundraising  Expenses 3,063.78   3,063.78
   Travel - Air Transportation    50,305.08  50,305.08
   Travel - Ground Transportation    6,999.18  6,999.18
   Travel - Accommodation   19,338.64  19,338.64
   Travel - Food   3,755.94  3,755.94
   Travel - Miscelleneous    3,750.85  3,750.85
   Miscellaneous Expense   375.00 939.04  1,314.04
Total  Expenditures   $117,142.29 $85,099.39  $202,241.68
Excess Support & Rev over Expenditures$9,898.05 $1,650.61 $35.00 $11,513.66
Net Assets  



Stay in School


Total Net Assets   $23,813.18 $2,497.94 $35.00 $26,346.12



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