Africa Classroom Connection
Board of Directors Meeting
October 21, 2019

6:10 pm call to order by Peter.
Attendees; Peter Maritz, Michelle Biros, Anne Hussain, Jeff Nelson, Rich Kleber, Michelle Basman, Roy Goslin

Meeting Minutes
● Sept meeting minutes approved (by Anne, Second by M Biros)

Treasurer's Report - Jeff
● There is currently $55,778.55 in our general charity account
● There is $9967.07 in the learning tour account.

Total Assets = $66,379.30

Some receivables pending – the donation for the quilt will be charged on the credit card of record.

  • Revenues in September = $754. 85; YTD= $71,611

Total available for classroom construction = $55,778.05

  • Expenses in Sept (YTD Pending) = $13,090 (for service charge and some travel related expenses; MJ needs receipts for travel expenditures).

Audit expense still pending

  • Treasurer’s report approved as read (RK, RG; consensus)

Actions: We plan to send funding to support classroom constructions by the end of the year if so, requested by ECAG; Peter will contact ECAG to determine current cost of a classroom.

Donor list for September was reviewed; affiliated BOD member will call and thank donors.

Michelle Basman will provide some ACC information to her brother in San Diego who is hosting a dinner for potential donors to ACC.

Michelle Biros will check on Amazon to see if ACC is listed among the Amazon Smile Beneficiaries.

Chair’s Report/Peter

Internal ACC operations
1. The donor list and contact strategy was developed

  • Jan/ Feb goal will be to clean the donor list and remove the names of listed persons who have not donated within the last 5 years.
  • A major donor list will be developed, where the BOD needs to maintain personal contact with donors
  • The next tier of donors will receive letters of thanks and solicitation for continued support
  • Lower tier donors will receive contacts via by email.

Melissa was recently contacted and indicated that there has been an offer for the Pillsbury house. This may require a change of venue for this event. Many questions arose in discussion of the purpose/ success/ effort/ future of this event. This discussion will continue as we await the results of the Pillsbury house offer/ sale.

The content text for the annual appeal has been finalized and Anne will give the final version to Tammie, who will arrange the printing. Peter will arrange postage. Brendon will need to get his staff ready for the address merge. The letter signing will occur between Nov 6-9, 2019 at Peter’s home, with the expectation that the letter will be sent out immediately afterwards.

Action; Peter will develop a list of sign up blocks so BOD members can determine can match their availability to sign the annual appeal letter. All letters will be signed with Peter’s name, but each BOD member can write a short personal note to donor friends.

Michelle Biros sent out a draft of a proposed newsletter. The goal is to finalize this and send it out electronically near the time of the annual appeal. After discussion, changes and additional suggestions were made A semi- final draft will be sent out near the end of this week to solicit comments / corrections/ concerns.

Action: Michelle Biros will accept changes to newsletter draft with the goal of getting the letter out to our donor list by November 1st for BOD comments. The newsletter will be sent to donors by Nov 8.


Other Business

  1. The December BOD meeting will include re-election of BOD members. BOD leadership will follow up on some leads for new NOD members, Potential members will be invited to one of the next BOD meetings,
  2. Next in Person BOD meeting at Peter’s house on Nov 18th at 6 PM>

BOD meeting adjounrned9 MB/ RK) at 7;40 PM

Respectfully submitted

Michelle Biros (AKA Mike)

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