Africa Classroom Connection
Board of Directors Meeting
August 19, 2019
6:15 pm call to order by Peter.
Attendees Tammie Follett, Peter Maritz, Michelle Biros, Anne Hussain , Jeff Nelson , Robyn Coquyt
Joined by phone : Brendon Dennewill
Guest; Chris Lewis of Markwell and Lewis , Vertical Thinking
Absent; Henry Bromelkamp, Neo Mpunga , Rich Kleber, Michelle Basman, Roy Goslin
Meeting Minutes
● June meeting minutes approved (byTammie, Second by M Biros)
Treasurer's Report - Jeff
● There is currently $55,431.50 in our general charity account
● There is $3083.83 in the learning tour account (left over from previously).
● Mary Jo is working on the May financials and has completed June and July.
● Jeff and Mary Jo have found several instances of donations from the charity event not coming
through on PayPal.
Action - Tammie and Jeff will attempt to reconcile these accounts. Treasurer’s report approved
(by Tammie , Second by Anne)
Other Financials - Chris
● Audit report discussed ; Action - The audit report was approved ( by Jeff, second by Robyn)
● Tax return-( 990) extension received
○ Reviewed in detail by Chris and the BOD
○ The Malawi Classroom effort ( 2 classrooms) will be added on page 2 of the 990; this is
a one time effort, and the progress on this effort is documented by emails and photos of
the work to date. Since the champion on the ground is no longer available, ACC will not
pursue additional work in Malawi. The dates of the transfers will be clarified; one may
have gone through in 2018 and the other in 2019.
○ Barbara’s name is misspelled on the 990 list of list of board members.
○ Anyone contributing more than 2% of total donations is considered a significant donor.
The 990 does not recognize in -kind donations.
○ There is some question of the ACC status as a private vs public organization, since the
amount of funding coming from significant donors is under 33%.
Action- Chris will look into the definition to determine if ACC statusas a public organization
has been correctly reported,
Action; Approval of the 990 is tabled ,pending revisions as detailed above. The revised 990 will
be reviewed at the next ACC BOD meeting along with the Attorney General’s report.
Chair’s Report/Peter
Internal ACC operations
1. Claire is officially done with her job and starts school in September. Linda will continue to assist
on a volunteer basis informally and with small tasks to tie up loose ends.
2. Rich’s father in law passed away and the memorial is on Aug 20. Roy’s mother in law is quite ill
and Roy will not be able to attend tonight’s meeting.
3. Michelle Basman has completed an art piece to present to Barbra Bencini in appreciation for her
years of BOD service and her generous support of ACC.
Action; Tammie will contact Barbara to determine the best date for a dinner in her honor, and
Tammie will facilitate the planning of this event.
4. Brendon , Rich and Roy have met to discuss talking points for rotary presentations. They hope
to set up a brief video for the Eschowe to let them know we want to continue our collaboration
with them to build classrooms. They want to hear from ECAG the timeline of their development
and more accurate statistics regarding the outcomes of the building efforts. Anne mentioned a
rotary international article she and Henry wrote some time ago that has much of the story
documented. It neve was published but Anne still has a copy . Henry also has a Powerpoint slide
presentation somewhere on the google drive that may provide useful information .
Action; Peter will talk to Jono Chennis for this information and ask him to coordinate from the
ECAG side. It is planned to do this in September. Ann will get the article she authored to
Brendon. Peter will access the google drive to see if he can locate Henry’s powerpoint.
Learning tours
● The BOD has canceled the Sept 2019 learning trip to South Africa. .
● Rich and Peter continue planning for a trip in February 2020 that will include personal friends
only. They along with Charlene and Elizabeth are making all of the on ground arrangements and
are working with ECAG to set up school visits. ACC will receive a donation of $1000 per
traveler. There are currently 10 committed travelers for February.
Grant Updates
● The grant to Collegiate Church was declined . Tammie talked with t Marcia ans was told that the
awards committee tends to take a rest after the three year gratning cycle. She encouraged another
application next year.
● The Global Rotary Grant is being developed by Brendon and Rich: brendon has asked for help
preparing the MOU.Once this is completed,he will assist in getting the grant template so that it
can be completed and brought forward to rotary international.
Action : Robyn and Tammie have volunteered to review and complete the MOU.
Events/ Communications
● Newsletter production has been assigned to Michelle Biros with help from Anne and Robyn.
This issue will revisit the history of ACC and an update on Henry;s condition, it will include
links of the videos he has received from the South African schools and letters and cards. Jeff will
include a thank you to Henry’s village and to the SA friends.
Action: Michelle will develop an outline within the next 2 weeks for review by the BOD and then
start soliciting material .
● Annual Appeal letters will go out in November ; we will need to start working on the
content soon.
BOD Task Assignments( from the June meeting as a reminder to us all)
● Peter has generated a list of tasks that must be covered by the BOD in Henry’s absence. The list
was distributed and volunteers were solicited . he will redistribute the list with comments that
arose during our discussion, In brief-
- The Face of ACC- will be promoted by the Rotarians, the Board chair, and all BOD as
ambassadors for ACC. Tammie and Michele expressed interest in developing into this role over time.
- Grants- see above
- Rotary- see above
- Learning tours- do-able as described above . Not a priority at this time.
- Web Services /social media: BOD leads are Rich and Brendon
- Bookkeeping ; BOD lead – Rich
- Database management; BOD lead -Brendon
- Content ( Newsletters, appeal letter etc.)- BOD leads- Michelle and Robyn
- Event logistics- BOD leads Tammie, Roy, Peter
- Board admin- Peter
Peter will ask each BOD lead to submit progress reports prior to each BOD meeting.
The August BOD meeting adjourned by group consensus at 7:50 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Biros

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