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Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes
Call in Meeting

6:10 p.m. Call to Order
March 27, 2017

Present: Henry Bromelkamp, Barbara Bencini, Robyn Coquyt, Tammie Follett, Roy Goslin, Anne Hussian, Rich Kleber, Peter Maritz, Jeff Nelson, and Pat Plonski.

Absent: Michelle Biros.

Treasurer’s report.
Jeff Nelson Reported as follows:

February 28, 2017 account balances:
Checking / Net Assets $9,944.93
YTD revenues $2,275
YTD expenses $1,745.08
YTD net surplus $529.92

Month of February 2017 activity:
February revenues $2,075
January expenses $1,735
January net surplus $339

It was noted that payments to the ACC auditor in February were $1,700. A donor history report was previously presented by Jeff Nelson outlining key donations received over the past month. Members were encouraged to review this donation schedule. It was further noted that approximately $2,700 in revenue remains outstanding from the Park Square Theatre and efforts are ongoing to secure this revenue.

Following discussion, Peter Maritz moved and Pat Plonski seconded that the presentation by the treasurer be accepted as presented. The motion carried.

Auditor’s report.
Chris Lewis presented the Auditor’s Report. Chris Lewis presented the report including financial statements for 2015 and 2016. It was noted that an unqualified opinion (the most desirable opinion) was given in the report indicating a clean bill of financial health for ACC. Following discussion, Rich Kleber moved and Robyn Coquyt seconded that the Auditor’s Report be accepted as amended. The motion carried. Chris Lewis also presented a form 990 for ACC to present to the US IRS. The 990 was also presented in advance. Members went through the form and some technical corrections were noted. Following discussion, Rich Kleber moved and Patrick Plonski seconded that the 990 form be approved as amended. The motion carried.

Chair’s Report
Henry Bromelkamp presented as follows:

Administrative support
Claire is moving out of Minnesota later this year and accordingly will not be in a position to render support to ACC in the same fashion as previously. Members discussed options including finding a volunteer to provide administrative support, having provide support from a remote location, hiring a new support person, having the ACC bank provide some assistance, and some combinations of the above.

Malawi Project
A memorandum of understanding has been established and it is anticipated that approximately $16,000 will be provided in a grant to Malawi soon for school construction. This project continues to move forward, even if slowly. A church in NYC has been approached to fund four classrooms in Malawi.

Trevor Noah
Henry is trying to get Trevor Noah to support ACC through membership on the Ubuntu Council. It may be possible to meet with the South African ambassador to the US next week in Washington, DC and possibly secure his assistance to this effort. Also Henry and Pat will seek to record a brief greeting from the Ambassador to play at the ACC Freedom Day festivities next month.

Brenden Dennewill
Henry has been in touch with a Rotarian from his club (Minneapolis) who has spent a great deal of time in South Africa and Namibia. Brenden is interested in the possibility of board service on ACC.

A learning tour to be held in partnership with Books For Africa was scheduled for mid-January of 2018. It appears that the date may now be moved back to February which will impact the dates of the ACC learning tour. Some travelers have already said that they intend to go
NYC Fundraiser
Efforts continue with Ginger Wange to establish an ACC event in NYC on or around May 1st. A small wine reception is envisioned.

Rotary Conference in Atlanta
ACC has secured a booth in the House of Friendship at the June International Rotary conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Henry and Pat will be in attendance to staff the booth. ACC is coordinating with Books For Africa, which also has a booth at the Rotary conference. Additional ACC volunteers to staff the booth would be good.

Development Report
Tammie Follett reported that planning for the April 25th Freedom Day event in Minneapolis is well under way. Post card mailers have gone out, sponsors have been secured, and an e-blast to donors went out a couple of weeks ago. Members discussed specific planning components of the event. The key task ahead is to get people to the event.

Donor Relations Committee
Rich Kleber reported that the donor relations committee has not formally met, but that he has met with some key donors and more funds will be forthcoming this year as a result.

Secretary’s report
Minutes from meeting of February 27, 2017 were distributed and reviewed in advance. Barbara Bencini moved and Rich Kleber seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. The motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Plonski
Board Secretary

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